Top 10 Mario Crafts featured on Sprite Stitch!

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I’m starting a set of “best of” posts here on sprite stitch cataloging the best craft projects to grace the pages of our blog and forums.  These are voted on by members of our forums. Click on the link of each winner to see a more detailed description of the project. Without further ado…

#10 – Push Pin Mario 3 scene


#9 – Bitter Luigi by johloh (me)

Free Pattern Here!

#8 – Mario Quilt by pipesdreams

#7 – Mario across the NES Ages as stitched by wickedknitter

Free Pattern by me here

#6 – Nintendo Room by Denis’ Girlfriend

#5 –Tanooki Amigurumi

#4 – Mario 3 Cross Stitch Map by crosstitchninja

#3 – Mario Kart Wedding Cake

#2 – Mario Obsession Crochet blanket by Gege.

#1 – Mario Ages v2.0 by Servotron!

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5 Responses

  1. LOVED this. I had seen most of it before but not the older projects. It was a lot of fun and I hope you will maybe do a few more based on other games that inspire a lot of projects (read: Zelda, please)!

  2. First, I think that cake should be bumped up to number one and the Mario 3 cross-stitch map should be bumped to number two.

    Second, take a good look at number nine’s “bitter Luigi”. Although not the fault of the artist, Mario’s head is about half the size of Peach’s body. That’s not right. 😉

  3. whatever james – yup. zelda is my next one planned.

    jay – I guess you gotta vote in the next poll!

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  5. Thanks for the info,bookmarked and saved

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