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  1. This was up on Shirt.Woot! not too long ago…


    $15 w/ free shipping, might not be around for long, designs that don’t sell well get dropped.

    And no I don’t work for Woot! 🙂 Just a fan of Sprite Stitch and Woot!

  2. darzeecompany

    Good news! This is a t-shirt!

  3. Yep, it’s a tshirt. It’s available on woot.

  4. It actually is a shirt! If anyone is interested in it it is available from shirt.woot here: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=13002

    It’s only available for as long as people keep buying it, so if someone wants it I suggest getting it sooner rather than later.

  5. Actually it was a design from the “Threadless” online t-shirt shop.
    Unfortunatelly, I think it has been removed 🙁

    (Oh, and I think you’ll like that shop! though it’s not mine i’m going to make some advertising haha


  6. It’s a recent tshirt from shirt.woot.

  7. Sorry, should’ve grabbed the link before commenting… you can buy it here, at least until it falls out of the Reckoning.

  8. Marie Russell

    It a tshirt from Woot!


  9. Marie Russell

    Love your blog by the way.

  10. shirt.woot.com is awesome

  11. yuribomber

    it is a shirt. and its on shirt.woot

  12. I think it’s a threadless tee! http://www.threadless.com

  13. yeah, this is a t-shirt that was up on shirt.woot as their shirt of the day like a week ago or so. Should still be up on their site someplace…

  14. morganskye

    Ask and ye shall receive…links!


  15. […] did in 5 years.PlayStation 3 launches in the Philippines!Art in games: Real paintings, sometimes. Mortal Kombat: Hospitality!Silver Screen: Game-to-film (or vice versa) Solid Snake voice actor directs his first film, […]

  16. It was a shirt featured on Shirt.Woot this last week and is still currently available for $15, free shipping, from their site.

  17. thats what i call a serious response…apparently its on woot!

  18. pixelmethis

    LOL- Hospitality FTW! Toasty!

  19. Tranlated from Spanish of Pixfans.com:
    “This is the Harmless fatality of all time”

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