Sunday Roundup!

Sunday Roundup!
24th – 15th July!

So I was meant to do a roundup last week, but due to a super secret project, and the sheer amount of awesome crafts from the forums, I was hoping for some divine intervention. I did not get it. Instead, I got a load more awesome projects.

So, I now present 5 randomly selected projects from the forums, with quite a few coming in next weeks posts too.

Most of these are taken from the Big Swap we have over at the forums, and the pictures of gifts start at page 30-ish, and I implore you to check them out.
Goku x Ryu by harku

Mario & Tails by Annelotje (you should check out the link to see the awesome packaging too.)

Pokemon Key Hanger by SadieVincent

Goomba Pillow by loxdust

Link’s Awakening Sampler by shanoa

This is only a tiny sample, so check out the forums for tons more projects.

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  1. annelotje

    Wow you published my pillow! It was made by me for Loxdust for the swap. And the sublime picture of Mario and Tails was made for me by RMDC!

  2. Actually, that’s the sampler that I received from Merrywether during the swap. And I love it!

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