Pacman cross stitch and needlepoint patterns

Published by: johloh

ah…blinky, pinky, inky, and clyde…or oikake, machibusi, kimagure, and otoboke if you prefer. Whether you call it Pacman or Puckman (beware the F) its still a great game. Here is a cross stitch/needlepoint pattern to immortalize it on your wall forever.

Pacman Sprite cross stitch pattern

(click above picture to see non-resized grid of individual stitches)

(also note that the ghosts show the 4 different eye positions, as well as the 2 different “feet” positions…feel free to mix and match to make the ghost look the way you prefer)

Pacman Cross Stitch Directions


Pattern created by me!

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7 Responses to “Pacman cross stitch and needlepoint patterns”

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  4. jorf Says:

    Hey 😀 i just wanted to pass on a thanks for that pac man pattern, i used actually as a stencil for my shoes, and painted pac man on them

  5. johloh Says:

    no problem! send in a picture!

  6. Stacy McKenna Seip Says:

    Stumbled across your site today looking for old 8-bit screenshots to make cross stitch patterns with. I recently did a whole set of dishtowels using highly recognizable icons (I wasn’t a gamer myself – though my social crowd now certainly were). If only I’d found your post of Pac-Man patterns a couple weeks ago before I spent all that time with graph paper and crayons making myself patterns for some his/hers hand towels I’ve got plans for! (I hadn’t realized before that Ms. Pac-Man’s ghosts were different than the originals by one pixel in height…)

    Thanks for the fabulous blog! The rest of my geeky friends will definitely be hearing about it.

  7. Stacy McKenna Seip Says:

    D’oh! Thanks to your “How I Make Patterns” link to I double checked my ghosts – darn those emulators steering me wrong on my stitch count! Thanks again!

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