Duck Hunt Cross Stitch Completed!

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well, I finally finished up one of the needlepoints from my previously posted… Duck Hunt Mini Cross Stitch Pattern. This one was created on silver cloth so that the white parts (without borders) would show up…it doesn’t show up much in the picture but there is a contrast.

Duck Hunt Cross Stitch

Duck Hunt Cross Stitch (large high res version)

to see other Duck Hunt patterns and directions go to my earlier Duck Hunt Patterns posting…

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  1. GORGEOUS WORK! I’m gonna do this one next!

  2. The old arcade game of this, you could shoot the dog and he would come out with a bandage or crutch. I would shoot the dog over and over.

  3. Ace of technology

    This cross-stitch makes this dumb dog funny and almost cute. This is truly a work of art.

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