Super Mario Bros. 3 (enemies) Pattern!

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Here are some simple short cross stitch patterns of the enemies from Super Mario Brothers 3 for Nintendo (NES). I’ve included a symbol chart this time because I think that some stitchers out there like to use them (even though I do not). Hope you like them, and of course I’m still taking requests if someone is looking for a pattern of something in particular…

Super Mario Bros 3 Cross Stitch Pattern (enemies)

(click on the image above for a grid view of individual stitches)

Super Mario Brothers 3 enemies SYMBOL CHART

Super Mario Brothers 3 enemies DIRECTIONS


Pattern created by me!

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7 Responses

  1. DumbRetart

    AwesomE, now I know who are the enemies.

  2. XStitchBelle

    is there any black on buzzy beetle dude? on the directions it says that all of them have black on them but i cant find any one him.

  3. nope! thats a typo! hes just navy, and two tans.

  4. XStitchBelle

    k thanks, thought maybe my eyes where going loopy on me lol

  5. XStitchBelle

    whats the size of this one?

  6. it all depends on the cloth you use…if you use aida 14 cloth, thats 14 boxes per inch…so you can figure out the size…

    these weren’t really designed to be stitched as is, more to pick and choose ones you like for other stuff…

  7. Thank you very much!

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