Final Fantasy Cross Stitch Poster

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There are a million final fantasy character sprite cross stitches out there…but, I really like the style of this one. This was completed by Ironstar2 (deviant art page). Check out his page for a few more finished stitches…Including another final fantasy black/white mage as well as a master chief.

Final Fantasy Sprite Cross Stitch

(click image for a larger version)

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  1. thanks for the post, the best part about this is that it was really my first major piece, still learning the proper technique while doing this, and i did it all during a summer work program at my old highschool.

  2. impressive as a first major piece! I love it!

  3. that is so badass… I want one like that. ;-; Everybody who plays games should remember their roots… :-p Original Nintendo ftw! 😀

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