Puckman Cross Stitch Pattern

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I dont make patterns as often anymore (though I’m going to try to do them more often again)…The pattern on the left is the ghosts full names from puckman (pacman in america), and on the right their nicknames…

Puckman Pacman Ghost Cross Stitch Pattern 1 Puckman Pacman Ghost Cross Stitch Pattern 2

Puckman Cross Stitch Pattern Floss List

Puckman Full Name Symbol ChartPuckman Nicknames Symbol Chart

Oikake – Chaser — Akabei – Red Guy (Blinky)

Machibuse – Ambusher — Pinky – Pinky (Pinky)

Kimagure – Fickle — Aosuke – Blue Guy (Inky)

Otoboke – Stupid — Guzuta – Slow Guy (Clyde)

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  1. Do they actually have different abilities in the game then? this never occured to me before that they might have different behaviours

  2. yup! they have very different styles…If red gets near your path he chases, yellow takes opposite routes to corner you, yellow is 100% random, and I forget cyans exact strategy, but hes kinda dumb too

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