Handmade Nintendo Room!

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prepare to be jealous. even if you believe me and think you’re prepared, you’re not. this post is a little pic heavy, but well worth it.

This is a really unique and innovative design idea. It just shows you what can be created with a little imagination. It is also an example of how your favourite things can be incorporated into your lives. Mario doesn’t just have to be on your computer game but he and his friends can be everywhere in your life, to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face.

Nintendo Room Shelves

so many things to see here…you got the hills in the background, the awesome cloud, obviously the brick and question block shelves, a warp pipe charging station…phew.

nintendo room closeup

These shots were sent in by Dennis from Germany, these were all made by his girlfriend…girlfriend? really Dennis? This girl is making you mario themed decorations for your house…I think its time to take it to the next level. (pun nintendo)

Gameboy Mario Clock

and, last but not least an awesome gameboy clock…featuring mario and a mushroom on the arms. I love it! when can I move in??

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50 Responses

  1. Awesome!

  2. That is very impressive.

  3. Year it’s awesome I love that !!!!! I want the same interior !!!!

  4. Wow! That is simply amazing. I would LOVE to have a room like that.

  5. I think my brain imploded from the sheer awesomeness of viewing this. *mind boggled*

  6. Love it!

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  8. Holy 8-bit awesomeness!!!

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  11. I want to go to there!
    Seriously, her project was really thought out and ridiculously well made. That is such an awesome job.

  12. Emily K.

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. I’d love to know how to make a clock like that.

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  14. Hey this is so awesome! Really really good job 🙂

  15. omg omg omg! this is incredibly cool!

  16. Michael

    I love your room decorations. Can you please tell me how you made all that so I make it my game room decorations. I would really love if you told me. Email me at loko5626@yahoo.com so you can tell me everything you did to make it. Thanks!

  17. Do you have any plans/tutorials on how to make these shelves? Please email them to me! Janel.Peyton@gmail.com

  18. Did she make the Super Mario Bro Mushroom? I LOVE it and wanted to get it for my little boys room. This room is Amazing!!!!! Love it all! Fantastic work!

  19. How is three images, a little pic heavy? Jeesh, I’m actually SAD there aren’t more. I’m designing a kids room and was really looking for some awesome pics. These are great, but too bad there wasn’t more!

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