Amazing Custom Gameroom!

Published by: johloh

after yesterdays post about the Donkey Kong Shelving, I got an email from the creator Casey. It turns out he is also the creator of the amazing NES Controller Coffee Table that I posted about last year…He was nice enough to send in some photos of the game room, and I thought I’d post them up to make you drool for awhile…

Gameroom Overview 01

The controller actually plugs into a nintendo and works!

Gameroom Overview 01a

The controller opens up and holds all the video game crap that your significant other loves so much…

Gameroom Overview 01b

Gameroom Overview 02

apparently he has more N64 games than originally thought. boo.

Gameroom Overview 03

mario box, hit it to find xbox games inside! better than a mushroom? I guess.

Gameroom Overview 04

Gameroom Overview 05

so jealous…

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7 Responses to “Amazing Custom Gameroom!”

  1. Earth_Element Says:

    Screw dh, *I* want one!!!

  2. Mandi Says:

    The man is a living gaming GOD!


  3. Hani Says:

    DANG. That is nice. *drool*

  4. krillelille Says:

    This is the coolest game room in the world! Im gonna have to steal some ideas here! 😀

  5. Liquidkarma Says:

    do want!! 😀

  6. jelibe Says:

    *drooling* me want!!! This is Sooooooooo Coool!!!

  7. Loretta Says:

    Holy freaking awesome! I’m drooling all over the keyboard here. Can I just move into the gameroom and live under the sofa?

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