Mario across the NES ages (revised edition)

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Ok, so there were a lot of problems with the first version…I’m still working out the kinks in making these cross stitch patterns complete. so, I apologize for that…but, I think everything is worked out in this final (maybe) version…enjoy!

Mario across the NES ages cross stitch thumbnail

(click the image to see the grid version of the pattern)

Mario NES ages directions (symbols and floss color list)

Mario NES ages colored symbol chart (colored symbol pattern chart)

Mario NES ages black/white symbol chart (for easy printing – b/w and on one page) – word doc

hope everything is alright now…let me know if you see any problems…

and if anyone completes this…please send me a picture!! id love to post it!!

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  1. OMG! I just started doing cross-stitch again after about 10 years of a break from it, and I CANNOT wait to do this one! I absolutely LOVE Mario. I’m rushing to the store for supplies right now!
    You’ve inspired me to do one for Yoshi, my favorite Nintendo character 🙂 And my husband would love Link, but he’d never admit he liked cross-stitch, but I am going to have to do these for myself.
    I’ll post on my blog when I complete it and let you know!

  2. I love this!

  3. jessica: awesome! let me know when you’ve posted them…and if you make a yoshi pattern and want to share it id love to post it too!

  4. This is fantastic! I’ve been cross-stitching for 25 years and playing Mario Brothers for almost as long. 🙂 I will definitely be stitching these guys!

  5. Jeez!
    i did some of these things
    like beading and crossstitching
    as soon as my cam comes back
    i can show you some stuff
    you’re linked too.

    bravo for getting the patience to do it
    you’re my person of the day 🙂

  6. Wow, this is awesome! I’m going to try this pattern and I’ll send you a pic if get to make it!

    I would love to have a pattern from Monkey Island, do you know the game? It would be great!

  7. Make a T-shirt as well!

  8. This is Great! Thank YOu! You have done a good job on this. If and when I ever get to this, I would love to send you a photo!
    Thanks again!

  9. I finally bought all my supplies for this project. I’ll keep you posted and let you know how I fare.

    Expect copious amounts of swearing to begin shortly 🙂

  10. great redz! keep me posted!

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  13. what is that last hindu kinda looking like mario??? is it in the game?
    your site is soooo cool!

  14. the last one is mario in the tanooki suit. the bearish looking one where if you hit down and b would turn you into a invulnerable statue.

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  21. i started this pattern, and i have been outlining my figures (this is what my mother told me to do. I’ve noticed that many people are not outlining theirs. Is this something I should or shouldn’t be doing?

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  27. this is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  29. Thanks for the Mario Across the NES Ages pattern! I just started working on it, and I’m halfway done with the middle Mario {black&white, next to the frog}. I’ll send you a picture when it’s done and framed!

  30. great!! blog!!! i love cross sititching!! and i love mario, i wish you do Mario KArt

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  33. does anyone know how much it would cost to buy all the material to complete this project???

  34. assuming you have no supplies…approx.
    14 colors = $7
    needles = $4
    cloth = $5

    so easy less than $20.

  35. thanks, another question is if i want to add the mario in the green shoe, what would be the width and height of the cloth i should buy?

  36. one more question incase you haven’t answered the other one, how many thread of floss do you use to stitch each stitch for this project?

  37. two strands is the typical usage for cross stitch.

  38. Hey johloh, I don’t know if you knew this, but I did this pattern in Perler beads and added a Super Mario World sprite to the end! 🙂

  39. yeah GG, i saw that…awesome work!

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  42. I can’t remember if I told you last year, but I embroidered this Mario cross stitch for my husband. I finally blogged about it today! haha… Please come visit my blog and see your awesome pattern put to work! 😀

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  44. Kristina Dawn

    I just wanted to let you know that I finished your Mario Across the Ages cross stitch project! If you send me your email, I can email it for you to post. I am also adding onto it to add characters from other Mario games, as per my husband’s request. 🙂 I enjoyed doing this! Thanks for posting the pattern! Any more like that, just let me know! I enjoy doing this, as my husband enjoys the end result! 😀 Thanks again!

  45. kristina – awesome… you can find contact info here….

  46. what is the size of adia id need in inchs please?????

  47. your aida can be whatever you want. 16 or 14 is the most common…14 is 14 stitches per inch, 16 is 16 per inch. so if you choose 14 itll be bigger.

  48. sorry what i mran is that youve put, 216 W x 64 H thats very very big if inchs and even in cm

  49. its not inches or cm. its stitches.

    you need to divide the stitches by the type of aida to get the overall size. one stitch isnt one inch.

    in aida 14, 14 stitches = 1inch.

  50. oh right ok i get it now duh sorry i was gonna say thats very big if its even cm lol

  51. next pay day which thank fully is tuesday im gonna go out any by the stuff to do this cant wait 😀 😀 😀

  52. i started this project today only cost me approx £16 which is good i think 😀 £4.99 for the adia and the rest in dcm 85p per colour 😀 just wondering how long its gonna take me to complete the white i think will take the time

  53. I’m starting on this right now! So excited!

  54. Love the pattern…my 9yo is a great fan, want to make this for xmas…could you send me the pattern in blackand white along with the direction legend? i couldn’t open the file…tia

  55. Okay—switched computers and all is working well….going to store to get fabric…..well first i’ll check stash…then floss then store…

    starting on this today as well…thanks so much for all of your effort

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  60. Question…. On the symbol chart… What does dk, md, ul vy dk, and lt mean????

  61. Also… I am new to cross stitching… I purchased a 14 cloth and it seems from the finished ones on here that I bought the wrong cloth. Mine has much bigger holes in it than what I am seeing on here. Can I still make it work with what I have? HELP?!?!

    • I use aida 14. The smaller the number the bigger the project. The bigger the number the smaler the project. Any number will work.

      The number is holes per inch.

  62. Ace of technology

    This pattern is epic! I love it. But I can’t cross-stitch…

  63. Aurora Diazgranados

    I have finished a towel using your design.

  64. Hi! I love this and want to make I for my husband. Where can I find the thread colors?? Thank you!

  65. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for posting this. I LOVE IT! I am looking for patterns for LEGO mosaics, especially for Mario since I am obsessed, but most of them have been done a million times. This is going to be physically huge for a LEGO mosaic but I am going to give this a try (hopefully) soon!

  66. scarymazegame123

    That Pattern is epic thank you for sharing

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