Final Fantasy 1 Cross Stitch Pattern

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Here is the needlepoint pattern of the Light Warriors in the original Final Fantasy 1 for Nintendo (NES). This is due to a user request for the pattern (keep up the requests if there is a game you would like to see).

Final Fantasy 1 Cross Stitch Pattern

Final Fantasy 1 Cross Stitch Pattern Directions


Pattern created by me…

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  1. I love you for this! I was agonizing over how to match the embroidery floss to these colors. Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooo… Those are awesome. I found this site by following a link to a link to a link… I was trying to find clearly defined pixelated versions of classic Nintendo characters (Mario, etc). My initial plan was to use the patterns to create Lego versions of each to display. Unfortunately, using the official Lego Digital Designer ( you have only a fairly limited number of colors to choose from. I’m trying to think of a way around that… Until then, I’m bookmarking your site for future reference. 🙂 Thanks!

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  5. that is just awesome! – FF1 sweet.

  6. I was wondering if there was a way you could post this up but have the 3829 gold gold – vy dk color highlighted in a completely dif color? I’m working on this for my fiance for christmas and for fighter (or is it theif? the blue haired one) I keep messing it up like counting wrong or something and having to unstitch it all and it’s getting very frustrating, I’m thinking it’s becuase when I print it out the colors are too close to one another I can’t really tell which color is which.
    If you could do that, I’d be forever grateful. (I am Stephi.Rose on your forums if you just wanted to send it that way?) please?? thanks

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