Game Over Mushroom Pattern

Published by: johloh

I made this for a request over on the Sprite Stitch Forums! enjoy!

Game Over Cross Stitch Pattern 01

Game Over Mushroom Cross Stitch Pattern COLOR/SYMBOLS Chart

Game Over Mushroom Cross Stitch Pattern BW/SYMBOLS Chart

DMC COLORS: 3837 lavender -ul dk, 5200 snow white, 310 black.

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6 Responses to “Game Over Mushroom Pattern”

  1. poetinme Says:

    omg u rock! ty ty ty!!!!

  2. strugglingwriter Says:

    That’s bad ass. Awesome!

  3. shanshan Says:

    I am so making this right now!

  4. jade. Says:

    cheers, this was so fun to make!

  5. scary games Says:

    scary games…

    […]Game Over Mushroom Pattern — A video game inspired craft weblog[…]…

  6. Gray Says:

    Hey, I have an armband just like this I bought years ago :) Only, it doesn’t say “Game Ovea”… Seriously, my only criticism is the R is interchangeable with an A… Yes, most people can probably figure out what it says, but I think it should look slightly different :)

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