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  1. Woh, weird to have my own painting show up in my rss feed =d

    Um, wanted to chime in and say, if you decide to go browse for paintings at thrift stores, avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made:

    1. Still life arrangements don’t work so well (I found a painting with a basket of vegetables with an eggplant on the table, so I painted Pit and an Eggplant Wizard fighting on the surface of the table). It did not turn out as cool as it sounds. The scale difference just killed it. It’s better to have a painting that could be a legitimate level in the game.

    2. Stick with 8-bit if possible. I made Mariokart characters driving through a painting of the streets of Paris and it was REALLY tough.

    3. The bigger the painting, the easier to make each pixel look like a square. I have a tiny Maniac Mansion painting and the accuracy is definitely wanting.

    4. Make sure your painting and frame is in good quality/condition when you buy it. I bought some paintings that were scratched and didn’t have glass and the frame was sorta crappy, and even though my content was good, I grew to despise the overall piece because it still seemed trashy.

  2. Ah, thank you for the advice!
    And your stuff really is great.

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