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  1. Awesome! they are totally meant to be.

  2. Awww. Would be better if they were edible though. Nom nom nom.

  3. I think it’s cute!

  4. Tobyfish

    Awesome. That would so be on my wedding cake, if we hadn’t already agreed on Spiderman and Mary Jane.

  5. Anonymous

    I think that should win the Jan/Feb contest.

  6. ah yes…the voting is up for the contest. unfortunately its gotta be submitted by the maker. though we have a new record 10 submissions this month!!

  7. bravesaintash

    Anyone have any idea where they got the figurines? This would be perfect for me and my fiance’s wedding cake, since we both adore Zelda!

  8. dark knight

    Thanks for the positive response to my posts,everyone!

  9. brave – Id go to flickr and ask them side show


    link looks like an action figure, if you look at his legs they have that look to them.

  10. They are action figures, I have the same ones, although the Zelda one is not particularly mobile. I got them at my local Japanese imported toys store, although you can probably buy the same online.

  11. where can i buy these?

  12. Where do I buy this?

  13. Awwww… :~ It made my day.

  14. I want it on my cake if I ever get married (13 now)

  15. I want to know where do I buy this.

  16. i want to do something like this for my wedding cake. when me and myboyfriend first started dating her wrote a song about me called modern day link and zelda and something like this topper would just be perfect.

  17. babygirl0212

    Omg. This is cute! were can i get one at? my fiance and me are going to have a zelda themed wedding, and this is the best cake topper i can find!!!

  18. Hi all! I just came across this post with a pic of the wedding cake topper I made for my our wedding! I surprised my hubby with it at our wedding reception. You should have seen how excited all his friends were about it.

    If you visit my flickr account, you will now see and explanation of how the topper was made.

    Geek love is real love, we continue to be happily married and will hopefully grown old and dorky together.

  19. The wedding topper of Link & Zelda is really nice, How much would you sell it for?
    My daughter is getting married in July and they love Zelda & Link. Please e-mail me back please

  20. How much you selling them for? My wedding is next year in may :). Please e mail me. Thanks.

  21. Having a Legend of Zelda wedding…. Either going to use something like that or a piece of heart cake topper. Im going to have my hair like Zelda’s and wear her crown with a white medieval dress with gold bordiery on the front and my fiancee is getting me (hopefully) a Zora’s Sapphire engagment ring. The wedding cake is going to have ruppees as a boarder and triforce all over the cake. 🙂 My bouquet is going to be white flowers with green leafs as a cover i guess you can say or have green pins in with the flowers and a gold wrap around the flower stems.

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