Top 5 Video Game… Coffee Art!

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This weeks top 5 list is all about coffee art. That’s right, art in your morning cuppa. I’ve tried this stuff before, and believe me, its hard.

This Mario one is insane. the sheer detail in it made me pick it for number 1. Sure, he may not be completely to scale, his ear is pretty big, but any geek would be squealing with anticipation if they got this on their coffee.



Via [GlobalGeekNews] [GlobalGeekNews] [GameVain] [flickr] [Twylah] Related Posts:

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  1. Starrley

    These are really awesome! But what is the 4th one? A goomba?

  2. Yay! I was able to add you to my RSS feed on LJ! My geeky heart containers have been filled!

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