Nintendo Quilt!

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byneedleandthread made this sweet nintendo quilt of all of her favorite nes video games..I totally dig the light gun at the bottom, but we’re missing two of the best peripherals!! do I hear powerpad and power glove?

Nintendo Video Game Quilt

(and, yes I know…R.O.B. was the best NES peripheral, but I never had one, so its lame)

begin NES peripheral argument in comments now…

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11 Responses

  1. R.O.B. for the win…I’ve got a R.O.B. sitting on one of my four foot tall surround sound speakers in my living room, but the Power Pad and Zapper have long since been packed away with many of the games.

    The Power Glove was only cool to me for one reason, and that’s that a nerdy friend of mine wired it (with his dad, who was a software engineer) to a virtual reality game for a science fair project in 6th grade. Since that’s not Nintendo related, that gets thrown out as well.

    Also, R.O.B. has the most in-game cameos of any Nintendo product, I believe.
    YAY FOR R.O.B.!

  2. I love the power glove. It’s so bad. *don’s Lucas style sunglasses*

  3. That is FABULOUS!

  4. ama – im totally jealous…

    phoenix – best. movie. ever. so good…

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  6. this makes me really wish i could quilt…that is badass!

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