Never Forget – Dry Bones Shirt

Published by: johloh


I designed my first shirt! I was going to screen print these myself, but got too lazy…so, I’ve put it up on Zazzle. Everyone should go there and buy 10 each, because it supports the “best blog on the internet”. That’s a quote from me.

Never Forget Dry Bones T-Shirt!

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12 Responses to “Never Forget – Dry Bones Shirt”

  1. Michelle Says:

    To bad this ad will be the last thing I ever see from this blog.

  2. johloh Says:

    edit: michelle i hope you were talking about the political ads, in which case I totally agree with you and have removed them.

    ha. is that posting about a shirt I designed that offensive? I didn’t think that it was that bad. I don’t really think one posting to try and raise money for my hosting costs and time is that horrendous after an entire year of free entertainment for my readers.

    to be honest if I saw someone else selling that shirt I’d post about it anyway. so, one less reader oh well.

    I hope the sentiment isnt shared by many others.

  3. Gamer Grrlz Says:

    Johloh, sounds like quite a grumpy overreaction, to me. So you made a Tshirt. Good for you. If someone buys one and in doing so supports the site, well isn’t that nice for all of us readers that delight in coming here daily? I think Michelle needs a nap.

  4. Leigh-Ann Says:

    lol, this is awesome :)

  5. Michelle Says:

    It was the Prop 8 ads that bothered; that struck me really hard for personal reasons. Later on, I realized that many sites had the ads going with out their consent and hoped that was the case here, and it was!

    I apologize for jumping to conclusions and am so happy to find I can frequent this blog with peace of mind.

    Took my nap and am quite refreshed!

  6. johloh Says:

    good to hear!! welcome back!!

  7. stephanie Says:

    i LOVE this design! i was just wondering, can you make a cross stitch pattern for it? i would adore you [even more than i already do… for your posts on here, of course]! ^^

  8. johloh Says:

    stephanie – why yes I can, I never thought of making a pattern for it oddly enough. weird. ill get it up next weekend.

  9. stephanie Says:

    wow, thank you so much!! you just made my night! :)

  10. Never Forget Dry Bones Pattern! — Sprite Stitch Says:

    […] had a request for this pattern (from an old tshirt design I made) so, I thought I’d post it up. pretty […]

  11. jd Says:

    are these able to be printed still? email me. 😀

  12. MeiTow Says:

    Johloh, I’m totally buying one of these when I get the cash! I saw it while searching for something to stitch for the forum so that makes it that much better. LOL!

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