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First off let me say that I am annoyed. and this site that I am writing about is stupid. They apparently offer a tshirt for 24 hours then retire it forever. dumb. I want to “shell” out some money right now and buy this, and I can’t.

koopa mario shirt

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  1. Hey there, thanks for posting about the shirt. But why are you upset again?

  2. Very similar to http://shirt.woot.com/ style of doing things, Woot gives you a second, higher priced, chance to grab the shirt. I have missed plenty of awesome videogame related shirts from woot by just not paying attention. I am not sure another site is safe for my wallet

  3. You swine – or more accurately they are swine – I would totally buy this if I could – it’s an evil site. (got the app so I don’t miss any more awesome shirts though ….. )

  4. Really? That stinks! I would totally buy that too! I love turtles and Mario so this pretty much fits all my criteria!

  5. TJ – because I can’t buy it!! I understand the marketing idea of getting people to go to your site every day…but, I likely won’t do that…

  6. This is an interesting shirt for the fact that a non-gamer might not notice the fire flower in the corner when they just glance at you. Of course, to observant eyes, this is a win for sure.

  7. you can always contact the artist — i dont think the site owns the property to the art work. i think its more about a chance to get a rad shirt for $10.

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  9. Similar to teefury.com, too.
    I’ve gotten a few awesome shirts off there. Helps if you have an app, rss feed, or friend their facebook to avoid missing awesome gamer-geeky shirts, but not having to remember to go back there every day.

    With all the sites like that it seems to be pretty hit-or-miss.

  10. Hey guys, we have all that stuff, the RSS, daily email subscription and email newsletter. If you’d like to sign up and check more out just hit up the website and you’ll see them all on the left hand side of the page. http://www.riptapparel.com

    We have a mario brothers meets The Godfather shirt coming up really soon you might enjoy. But this one did have some great subtle loveliness to it 🙂


  11. If you’ve missed shirts from those sites (shirt.woot or teefury) you can always browse though http://teetrade.org to see if they come up for sale/swap.

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