Master Chief Little Pony (and more)

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Since Amauriel’s post about custom My Little Ponies, I have become absolutely enthralled by this craft that I never even knew existed. My searches brought me to a number of other video-game themed My Little Ponies by AnimeAmy, my favorite so far being Master Chief Little Pony.


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  1. haha, awesome!

  2. that is soo rad! i love all the my little pony remakes

  3. Oh, AnimeAmy is definitely one of the best pony customizers out there! I’ve actually been collecting My Little Ponies for years, and I have quite a few customs I’ve bought myself, and although I don’t have one of Amy’s yet, I drool over every new one she posts. I hope to soon start customizing myself!

  4. I still think these pony stuff are really weird. I’ve seen them at a ton of conventions and I’ve always thought they were a bit creepy.

  5. I totally agree! for some reason these creep me out, no idea why….

  6. yea, when it comes to custom handpainted toys Munny is the way to go

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