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  1. TatteredRagDoll

    If this isn’t -the- controller table, wouldn’t the “one of a kind” label be a bit of a lie then? LoL

  2. I think that even though they’re both tables based on the Nintendo controller design, each one is one of a kind in the sense that they were made differently by different people.

  3. Funny, if I ever got married I’d expect to get one as a wedding gift!

  4. I need that coffee table in my life. As a geek girl and a wife, I would never make my husband sell a coffee table that awesome. I’m still trying to convince my husband that we need to redecorate our bedroom to look like a level from super nintendo’s super mario bros.

  5. Dude, how bitter are you about marriage already? How many posts recently involve a crack of some kind about marriage and it being incompatible with geek crafts?

    Geez, stop acting like marriage is the death of everything sacred and get some perspective. Some wives like games, some husbands don’t, some wives respect their husbands stuff and some people actually *like* being married and don’t use it as a go-to punch line.

    Love, a crafty gamer wife

  6. ah phoenix, don’t take it so harshly…I think it is a funny joke. I would say the majority of the people on the forums are actually female gamers rather than male.

    I also don’t think that making fun of something means that you don’t *like* it. to be honest the things I make fun of are the things I like the most, things I dislike aren’t really even worth talking about.

    but, you’re probably right…the joke is a bit old now.

  7. Moody Loner

    I now actually own that table – I must say it’s well made and I’m happy with it from http://www.hoverboard.co.uk (via ebay).

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