Mortal Kombat Pendant

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There are a lot of iconic…icons out there in the gaming world, some simple and some a little more complicated. I love the Mortal Kombat logo and have seen a whole bunch of different pendants based on it, but this one has to be my favourite out of them all:

It was made by Alex of GamerMerch, and is 925 silver. What really makes it stand out is the detail, it’s pretty accurate and makes a nice pendant! There are more treasures to be found in their Etsy shop, too!

Via: Etsy

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  1. Bonjour ou pouvons nous acheter ce pendantif mortal kombat ?

    • blackmageheart

      Hello! I linked to the Etsy shop in the article but the shop appears to be closed now – sorry!

      Bonjour! J’ai lié à la boutique Etsy dans l’article, mais la boutique semble être fermé maintenant – désolé!

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