The Dr {Mario} is in!

This blogger has been pretty unwell recently (hence the lack of posts - many apologies, Sprite Stitch readers!) with various ailments. Because of that, I went on a little discovery tour of the internet, looking for Dr. Mario stuff! I’m not sure I would entrust my health to this particular doctor, but I did find a few nice items to share!


Perler sprites by S Sharda

Dr Mario classroom by S Sharda



Shrink plastic cufflinks by pixelparty

Dr Mario cufflinks by pixelparty



Hand drawn shoes by AlzadoCompany

Dr Mario shoes by AlzadoCompany


Remember to keep those viruses away with your Megavitamins!

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  1. Oh wow, I can’t remember the last time I saw Dr. Mario. Is he even available for any of the current Nintendo consoles? (off to look…. you know, for the kids,…)

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