I DO like these cartridge rings.

Published by: Lord Libidan

You might not like cartridge clocks, but are these more to your liking?

She also says she can do any game! Its times like these I wish I wore jewellery…

By Lauren Swingle (Check out here store for more clay goodies.)

Via [Etsy]

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4 Responses to “I DO like these cartridge rings.”

  1. rogueprincess20 Says:

    Those are awesome

  2. tiffstitch Says:

    This brilliant! Not destroying something, but creating. A much better idea.

  3. RAWRmonster Says:

    I ordered the NES controller cufflinks from this shop for my fiance as his graduation present from grad school. He LOVES them! We’re thinking about getting different controller cufflinks for all his groomsmen as their wedding gifts. 😀

  4. Lawlren Says:

    Totally awesome!

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