Baby Princess Cross Stitch Bib

Published by: johloh

Aelys just stitched up this cute baby princess bib…She’s got bubble bobble and space invaders ones too, go check them out!

Baby Princess Mario Bib Cross Stitch

via [The Sprite Stitch Forums]

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7 Responses to “Baby Princess Cross Stitch Bib”

  1. geekreative » Blog Archive » Weekly Links: October 11 2009 Says:

    […] has a cute Baby Princess Cross Stitch Bib that’s perfect for any Peach in […]

  2. Lauren Says:

    So adorable! I totally went “Awwwww” :)

  3. Ashlee Says:

    omg I want this pattern! is there any way to get it???

  4. johloh Says:

    pattern is by jelibe…you can find it here!

  5. Sprite Stitch Best Bits – November ‘09 Says:

    […] Baby Princess Bib by Aelys. […]

  6. jpg15 Says:

    Whats the pattern for this I want to make and I can’t find the pattern for it??????? Please tell me what the pattern is!!!!!!!

  7. jpg15 Says:

    Whats the pattern for this cause I want to make it for my daugher’s porcleine baby doll.Please tell???!!!!!

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