Mario (Koopa) and Princess Sunset Pattern

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ah, mario (or luigi) and the princess enjoying a sunset…a lot of the mario games had some pretty lame endings, so I thought I’d make a pattern of how a proper ending might have went. now that I think about it, the cast of characters ending on smb3 was kinda cool, oh well. (sprites are from smb3 btw)

Mario and Princess Sunset Cross Stitch Pattern

Mario and Princess Sunset Symbol Chart

and, for you non-traditionalists we have an alternate ending where mario and luigi fail and the princess ends up enjoying sunsets with koopa.

Koopa and Princess Cross Stitch Pattern

Koopa and Princess Sunset Symbol Chart

same floss list for both – Mario/Koopa and Princess Floss List

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  1. Cute idea guys! love it! Maybe I’ll have to do that in Perler and Hama.

  2. This is SOOOO fabulous! I can’t wait to do this! I’ll also be linking to this in an upcoming roundup.

  3. rachel – awesome! great site btw…nice content and a unique and well styled design. im envious!

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