Before Sprite Stitch started there was no place dedicated to the video game crafts, only video game blogs that posted about crafts and craft blogs that occasionally posted about video games.  After seeing a need for a blog dedicated to all areas of video game crafting Sprite Stitch was born.  We have expanded into a super-active community over at The Sprite Stitch Forums.

Site Founder – johloh

I am a crafter who lives in Oregon from San Francisco, California.  The majority of my crafting involves cross stitching, but I also crochet,  and dabble in some woodworking.  I just finished my first printed book Star Trek Cross-Stitch and have two projects in the book World of Geekcraft. I completed a degree in geology and have been teaching high school science for the last 6 years in SF and now Oregon.

Top 3 games – Fallout 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Goldeneye (just multiplayer).

Site Editor/Writer – Lord Libidan/Rhys Turton

I’ve always been a bit of a retro gamer, only getting an xbox in the last 5 years, however I’ve always been the crafty type. I mainly do cross stitching, but I also dabble in replicas, painting and anything else I can find really… When not getting my craft on I game, gym, and tend my bonsais, and traps around museums for inspiration. Over the last few years I’ve gone from a no body to having a website, etsy store, having my work exhibited at many shows, and became a blogger at Mr X Stitch and Sprite Stitch!

Top 3 games – Fallout 3, Pokemon Red/Blue, Pacman

Site Writer – Starrley

I go by starrley because it’s a combination of my names. I’m an avid cross-stitcher and embroiderer, and I’ve enjoyed games since the very first NES came out. I am a huge Sci-Fi fan, especially of Star Trek. I have had the privilege of being featured on Mr X Stitch multiple times, as well as on Craftster and a few blogs. I had some of my work displayed in a gallery show called “Sew Nerdy.” Crafting is in my blood. I love that I get to feature the amazing work done on this forum, as well as all over the internet. I am a wife and mother, and I love my family, including our dog Jinglesniff, and our new kitten, Pickles.

Top 3 games: Pokemon Heartgold, Katamari Damacy, and Little Big Planet

Site Writer – EveningEmma

Forum Moderator – blackmageheart

I’ve been gaming and creating crafts and art for the majority of my life. I’m a moderator of the Sprite Stitch forums, which is a role I absolutely love. I’ve been proud to have some of my cross stitch work shown on Mr X Stitch and the Bethesda Blog as well as some attention from a couple of video game developers. When I’m not gaming or crafting, I’m nerding out with my partner and daughter!

Top 3 games: Shining the Holy Ark, Phantasy Star, Vagrant Story


Inactive (semi-retired) posters…

For any requests for patterns, comments, or pictures of work you’ve done email us at JOHLOH at YAHOO dot COM

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