SpriteStitch is the largest group of video game and geek crafters on the web. Created in 2006 we have members spanning 18 countries and all 6 continents.

We’ve collectively authored 4 cross stitch books, helped start over 350 handmade stores created 7 charity quilts, for Child’s Play Charity; raising $5500.

We’ve created 28,000 free patterns, fulfilled 21,000 pattern requests, and awarded 80 challenge winners.

We regularly get over 20,000 views a day, and post the best projects on MrXStitch.com and our own blog.

If you’re a crafter and love video games and geek culture, join the community over at the forums. We always enjoy new art, and we’re well known for offering help and support.
– The SpriteStitch Community
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Current Bloggers & Moderators

johloh – Founder
I am a crafter who lives in Oregon from San Francisco, California. The majority of my crafting involves cross stitching, but I also crochet, and dabble in some woodworking. I just finished my first printed book Star Trek Cross-Stitch and have two projects in the book World of Geekcraft. I completed a degree in geology and have been teaching high school science for the last 6 years in SF and now Oregon.
Top 3 games – Fallout 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Goldeneye (just multiplayer)
Lord Libidan (Rhys Turton) – Site Editor/Writer
I’ve been a gamer since we brought a Mega Drive back in the 90s, however only moved into craft, specifically cross stitch, in 2010, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been able to be exhibited internationally, had a book out, been part of three other book projects, and even blog for Mr X Stitch. I tend to take traditional ideas and take a modern edge. I’m probably best known for my 3D transformers, and my video game tattoos.
Top 3 games – Fallout 3, Pokemon Red/Blue, Pacman
blackmageheart – Forum Moderator
I’ve been gaming and creating crafts and art for the majority of my life. I’m a moderator of the Sprite Stitch forums, which is a role I absolutely love. I’ve been proud to have some of my cross stitch work shown on Mr X Stitch and the Bethesda Blog as well as some attention from a couple of video game developers. When I’m not gaming or crafting, I’m nerding out with my partner and daughter!
Top 3 games: Shining the Holy Ark, Phantasy Star, Vagrant Story

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