Before Sprite Stitch started there was no place dedicated to the video game crafts, only video game blogs that posted about crafts and craft blogs that occasionally posted about video games.  After seeing a need for a blog dedicated to all areas of video game crafting, Sprite Stitch was born.  We have also expanded into a super-active community over at The Sprite Stitch Forums.

– Demographics –

Sprite Stitch’s readers are a great target audience of both males and females who are into video games and crafts.  Our readers are both console gamers and pc gamers.

– Ad Availability –

We offer a variety of ad sizes and placements and we are always open to a new size or location if the current ones do not meet your needs. We currently offer a 125×125 cube ad on the sidebar of our blog, a 468×60 banner at the top of blog and forums, a 300×250 rectangle ad in between the first and second post on the blog, a 336×280 rectangle ad on each single post page on the blog, as well as text ads anywhere on the site.

– Price –

We are currently pricing our ads in the $1.00 CPM range (we will give you a flat rate). We can give an estimate of any ad that you are interested in obtaining.  Ads can be booked out on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

– Press –

Sprite Stitch has been featured on such prominent sites as Kotaku, Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Makezine (and Craftzine), The Examiner, Geekologie, Technabob, and way too many other sites to list.We were featured in an article in Nintendo Power in May 2008. Sprite Stitch has also had two projects featured in the new book “World of Geekcraft“.

– Statistics –Sprite Stitch reaches over 275,000 page views and over 51,000 visitors a month.  Our RSS Feed currently has 2,630 subscribers and is growing every day!

– Contact –

Contact us at for questions or offers on any of our advertisements.

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