Video Game Beaded Earrings

Published by: johloh

shmuzz sells awesome beaded earrings on etsy…If it was more acceptable for men to wear dangly beaded earrings, I would totally buy some of these.

Beaded Earrings Earthbound

Beaded Earrings Yoshi  Beaded Earrings 1up Mushroom

Beaded Earrings Zelda and Link  Beaded Earrings Secret of Mana

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5 Responses to “Video Game Beaded Earrings”

  1. Paranoiac543 Says:

    awwwww, i want the mushroom ones!

  2. Faith Says:

    Aren’t these amazing? I saw these a while back and I couldn’t believe how cool they were. Makes me wish I had my ears pierced.

  3. Amberjet Says:

    How cute!
    I want the Popoie one!

  4. GG Says:

    I wondered if anyone out there did seed bead weaving for sprites. These look great.

  5. Arachne Says:

    I so seed bead weaving for sprites. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m selling a few of my things in a local store, but there are a lot of colour restrictions you have to work around (fleshtone, for example, is impossible to find). These look like they’re japanese delica beads, though, which come in a wider range of colours but are much more expensive (at least they are here. I don’t know how this person’s able to price them at only 15$ considering the price of the beads and the amount of work it takes to make those).

    I make pendants, key chains, earrings, Christmas ornaments, etc. You can make them too, using a square stitch. For some patterns you might be able to use a bead loom, especially if it’s all one width and you’re making a bracelet or something.

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