Mario Ages + Framed Cartridges

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I love kdrosas‘ new spin on the old Mario Across The NES Ages pattern…The framed cartridges go great next to the stitching! Though it definitely needs an easy access door on the back to get the game out quick when you need your mario fix.

Mario Across The NES Ages With Games

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  1. In case of emercency break glass?

  2. obesoloete – haha. i love it. thats a great project idea.

  3. Earth_Element

    Wonderful Idea!! Kudos.

  4. Cool! I made it to the blog!

    I don’t need the cartridges thanks to the VC on the Wii 🙂

  5. I forgot I wrote a blog post about this piece and a how to. I know, pretty easy to figure out but just in case you wanted to see.

    At some point I plan on doing a Zelda stitch to frame with my two gold cartridges. I get sentimental when I think my son will have cartridges that I played with as a kid in his room.

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