Tetris Dress

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Tetris Dress

This amazing Tetris dress was made by Erin from A Dress A Day.  I can practically hear the Tetris theme song playing in my head when I look at it!

via [Geekologie] via [A Dress A Day]

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6 Responses to “Tetris Dress”

  1. Hani Says:

    Although I can’t help thinking, “Whoever’s playing is awful at Tetris!”

  2. Ashlee Says:

    I would so wear this! and I agree…they must be awful LOL

  3. John L. Says:

    Maybe it’s just raining Tetris blocks, or the person is totally drunk, but this I would seriously love to date a girl with this on.

  4. Hannah Says:

    How can I purchase this?!

  5. Super Mario Bros | iKnit Says:

    […] Tetris Dress di A Dress a Day, il tavolino controller, i dolcetti a tema di Ana Fuji, il maglioncino Super Mario […]

  6. Evita Berntson Says:

    This site is a walk-through for all the guides you were searching for but didn’t know who to ask. Thanks for the great post.

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