TACIWNEW – Monday – Tetris Skirt!

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Totally awesome crafts I would never ever wear monday…

hissyfitoly has made this great tetris skirt! I don’t often find myself wearing skirts (being male and all) but if I did this would be the first one I’d pick up. Of course I am a little disappointed because the person playing this game obviously needs some more tetris practice.

Tetris Skirt

Its for sale on ETSY! $45.

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4 Responses

  1. Although if they were good at it, it wouldn’t be a very interesting skirt…

  2. true. true. the difficulties of making video game skirts.

  3. I think it would be very interesting to make the pieces with velcro-backing so that you can move them around on the skirt! ^_^

  4. I just wish the blocks were sewn on nicer, maybe with a nice satin stitch in black thread.

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