Geek Gamer Wedding

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This awesome gamer wedding featured a delicious Portal Companion Cube cake and DIY Companion Cube bon bon boxes! The boxes were made of cardboard with the help of Moony’s Companion Cube papercraft template.  Learn how to make them with instructions … Continued

Super Mario Cake!

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I’ve seen a lot of mario cakes out there, and lots covered in great fondant work…but, this one “takes the cake”! Sorry.  really, I apologize. My favorite part is the pedestals made out of pipes and a tree platform…the castle … Continued

Atari Cake!

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I never received an atari for my birthday..and, If I got this cake I’d be totally disappointed that I couldn’t play some sweet Adventure on it. now, a cake that could play Adventure…THAT would be impressive. via [wonderland]

XBox 360 Groom’s Cake

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The Pink Cake Box in New Jersey makes some really amazing looking cakes. This XBox 360 cake looks like the real thing (although I suspect it tastes quite a bit better)! The “achievement unlocked” is a really cute touch. 🙂

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