Star Wars Cross Stitch

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I’m excited to announce that Lord Libidan and I (with stitching help from blackmageheart) have collaborated on a Star Wars book that is out right now at Barnes and Noble! We’re both huge fans of Star Wars that it was a no brainer for us to go after this publishing. We had a blast making it and hope you get a chance to check it out (its available online and in barnes and noble stores).

Star Wars Cross Stitch Box

Star Wars Cross Stitch Kit




Storm Trooper Project by Lord Libidan

Death Star Pattern

Death Star pattern by johloh

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  1. This looks so fun!!!

  2. I picked this up after Christmas. While crafty, I never attempted cross stitch before, but it was too much to resist. I’ve since completed the storm troopers, Yoda, and BB-8. Thank you for introducing me to my new obsession.

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