Cool Stitching Shows What’s Really Inside Mario!

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Apparently, it’s more Mario!

Mario Silhouette Stitch by down_the_hatch

Reddit user down_the_hatch stitched up this awesome silhouette for a Mario-obsessed nephew.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that the person selling the pattern for this stitching did not have permission from the original designer. On behalf of Sprite Stitch, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Jake Bacuetes of Pixel Bit Hero and ask that people do not support the Etsy store previously mentioned in this post.

Via: Reddit (r/crossstitch)

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4 Responses

  1. Please do not support this artist/etsy shop. I am the original creator of this artwork and I did not give them the permission to recreate/sell my design. I created this design in early 2014 and it is currently being offered in my shop right now:

  2. @PixelBitHero Wait. So PBH is claiming “original creator” when he’s using Nintendo’s artwork? Um, this design is a greater departure than from the original, if we are to compare who’s-copying-who. I think the artist/etsy shop has the right to stay up since they committed the same effort to retranslate Nintendo’s artwork into a lower res embroidery pattern. Just look at mario, the floor, the bush or cloud – all different. If you feel so strongly, maybe you should contact Nintendo.

  3. We don’t want the artwork. We want to cross stitch the design. So if you are willing to sell cross stitch pattern you will sell more. Or we can create a cross stitch pattern similar for personal use.

  4. blackmageheart

    @John M – Yes it could be considered different enough if you look at the resolution and the edits made to the image. However, because it contains exactly the same elements as the print – bush, cloud, blocks, even the small green incline to the left – I’m still left with the same dilemma as in the beginning. We’re not talking copyright here, just courtesy. If the Etsy seller had just been decent enough to ask if it was ok to convert it into a cross stitch pattern, they may have been successful.

    @Darleen – you are more than welcome to ask Jake if you can use his concept as a cross stitch pattern. He’s quite amicable and may be ok with it, as his original gripe was that nobody asked him.

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