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  1. TatteredRagDoll

    Cake Wrecks is a great site! I’m really glad you posted this one.

  2. Love Mario

    This cake is freakin awesome!!

  3. hahaha, cakes like this never cease to amaze me

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  5. Someone Awesome Who Likes Fish

    wow this cake was really cool!!
    i want it!!!!!!!
    (and i want FISH<)

  6. ummmm….this cake is completely and TOTALLY AWESOME but please dont get mad i just want to make a point….. 🙁 so sorry if this offends you…..well, in mario, theres no squids. only in mario KART. and other awesome mario games…..(geeks rule! lol jk…..kinda) and once you hit the gold mystery box, it turns brown. it doesn’t stay gold. although, it does look waaaaay cooler gold 🙂 no offense, but what r the white things….blobs….things….on the top row?

  7. first off I didnt make this cake. im a blogger. I post a cool project every day, do you really think I make them all?

    second, no squids in mario? is super mario bros 2 the only mario game you’ve played? you’re insane.

    go play mario party and stop commenting on my blog.


  8. Awesomeness!

    And, um, the white blob things are those clouds you can walk on.

  9. I have stumbled on a few mario cakes in my time on the interenet, but this one is by far the best looking one!!!
    And yes there totally are squids in the mario games! I grew up playing mario obsessivly, and i definatly remember squids in the underwater sections, and the little hite blob things are the clouds that you walk on when you get shot up to get the bonus coins. Apprentley someone wasn’t very good at mario and didn’t know any of the secrets….

    w/e badass cake!

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    this is beautiful

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