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  1. How can you moan about lego!? You’re such a naysayer…this blog has gone downhill since you started.

    • Ouch! It’s gone downhill? From one post a week? I must disagree.

      • I should add that I think minecraft lego is dumb. Lego is already minecraft Lego and this set is unnecessary.

        But I’ve been anti-minecraft forever. I just don’t get it.

  2. :O How could you say such mean things! *sob*
    But seriously, I like lego. I’m just not sure what the reason of a minecraft lego is…

  3. I like minecraft! But only cos it’s like lego. 😛
    But I am a bit of a negative nancy, I shall be happier from now on!

  4. I look forward to the happier posts 🙂

  5. so you can have a hands-on version of your build without paying for a 3d printing? Make it yourself, etc.

  6. Seriously, you don’t understand the point? Is your entire life devoid of tactile experience? You touch nothing but keyboards? You need a few more real things.

    • Yeah you got it. I’m lacking in real things.

      My point wasn’t about legos, I love legos. My point was that MINECRAFT branded legos are dumb. Generic square legos are already minecraft legos.

      And if they don’t look identical they still have the main point of minecraft which is building from standard blockage.

    • And for the record touching a keyboard is a “tactile experience” and it is also a “real thing”

  7. Terri’s comment made me laugh. No, I go outside.
    But I’m a craft blogger. I craft. The most tactile thing that exists.

  8. I think Minecraft Legos are a wonderful idea. We’re planning on buying a set for my youngest sister, so we can share the Minecraft experience.

    Also, part of the sales will be donated to charity. Mojang does good things in the world and I can’t possibly see Lego Minecraft as a bad thing.

  9. Aye, Notch and the crew are good guys. They’re rich now, but they’re not up their own bottoms about it…

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