Mario steals Goomba’s Shoe!

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this was requested a long time ago as an addition to the Mario Across the NES Ages pattern post…I forgot to put it in at the time. so here it is…better late than never I suppose.

goomba shoe

310, 5200, 912, 3824 or 3708 (depends on your preference / screenshot)

but, enough mario already…I must say I’m getting a little sick of him (blasphemy, I know) keep submitting your work! I love seeing other peoples cross stitches!

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  1. […] Stitch has added another Mario to the mix, Mario in Goomba’s shoe, for Mario across the NES ages. Someone commented to John a while back that this character was […]

  2. Where in the lineup do you think this would fit the best? Thanks!

  3. id say as the raccoon lands, or before the frog jumps…

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