Gettin’ bloggin’ again…

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the blog has been on a bit of a downturn lately…but, I’m intending to get back to regular blogging. If you are a fan of the blog, you should be really checking out the forums too. when I stop blogging because I get busy, there are still 100s of people on the forums posting new projects all the time. its really more interesting than reading what I have to say!

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  1. Yay! Missed hearing from you 🙂

  2. Good good!! I missed all the cool stuff I’ll never be able to duplicate 😀

  3. thecandiedmango

    Yaaay! Good to have you back.
    Maybe you could request guest posts from some forum posters? That way you can draw on their marvelous skills when you’re busy with the real world.

  4. yeah candiemango, I do…its hard to find someone who will make regular posts…

    if you check the posts youll notice that holly posts quite a bit on here…and I’ve had others in the past who have posted a bit.

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