Chun Li Plushie!

its really just too cute! and of course its already sold out! but, I’m sure deadlysweetplushies will make more if you offer to pay…

chun li plushie

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3 Responses to “Chun Li Plushie!”

  1. The Daily Stash « GamePron Says:

    [...] gamer who has everything Mini Wii-shaped hard drive enclosure, plus Wii-mote whistle keychains. Chun Li plushie has teeny little chubby legs! Threadless submission: Donkey [...]

  2. Regina Mako Says:

    Ack, this is way too cute.

  3. Zombified Says:

    Haha yeah I saw this on DA and favorited it. I love the little stitched on boobs!

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