Gamer gauges!

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Here’s a geek craft I’ve never seen before: gamer gauges! Yes, video game themed jewelry for those who enjoy body modification. I’m sure the “gamer” and “enjoys extreme piercing” crowds overlap pretty well, so in addition to being awesome, they’re a savvy business move, too! Be sure to check out artist K8bit (god I love that name) and her Etsy page, where you’ll find gauges from Super Mario to Katamari to Final Fantasy.



For Johloh, heh:





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  1. nice. luigi all the way…

  2. Just so you know, these are called plugs, not gauges. Gauges are tools you measure things with. 😉 In the stretched community, you’ll get laughed at and seen as a Hot Topic loving poser if you call them gauges!

  3. Finally, earrings that I can wear! (I’m loving those Piranha Plants, so cute :D)

  4. That’s funny, Anji, ’cause the original artist has the word “gauge” all over her Etsy page, with few if any uses of the word plug. Maybe you should tell her!

  5. Sorry Holly, but the artist either isn’t into accurately naming what she makes or just doesn’t know.
    Of course you can say gauges, but technically it’s just wrong. A bit like “gauging my ears” and stuff like that. And well, people who are into stretching more than just stuffing anything into their ears (or other parts of their bodies) for a fashion trend will tell you so.
    You’ll see that in any reputable (online-) store for piercing jewellery, for example, the only context where the word gauge appears is the measurements of the jewellery, not the name of the items.
    Even more info:

    Anyway still those look really nice, I’d instantly get some but unfortunately my ears are no friends of polyclay.. still, Hooray for gamer piercing jewelery!

  6. I’m surprised nobody mentioned this, but despite the fact that those plugs look hella cool, they’re made out of polymer clay which is not a material you’d want in your ears for any length of time, if at all. This stuff can be incredibly poisonous! There should be a warning on this post for people who don’t know that :X

  7. is there any way i could buy some of these from you?
    email me please

  8. Hey could you make some Mario mushrooms? Or Mario stars?

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