Final Fantasy Stitched Monopoly

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Yes! I want one! Now!

This Final Fantasy III inspired Monopoly set is awesome. Jadely, the creator, even went to the trouble of printing new street, chance and community chest cards. Another one of those amazing projects from the Big Sprite Stitch Swap on the forums. You can even pick the pattern up there.

Via [The Forums]


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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Final Fantasy VI, you mean?

  2. Nope, final fantasy 3.
    You didn’t follow the link?

  3. It was Final Fantasy III when it was originally released in the US, but it really is Final Fantasy VI. So, in a way, it is both!
    (But really FFVI!)

  4. I keep throwing money at the screen but nothings happening.

  5. Anonymous

    you should post this on, this is impressive

  6. hello,

    Could you tell me where i can find the Monopoly Final Fantasy game please (or give myself the link), i want to offer it of my children.
    Thanks a lot

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