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  1. This looks great! How big is it?

  2. Liquidkarma

    from my favorite video game…that is awesome!

  3. I love seeing my favorite video game in cross stitch form, I especially like that this one has the background too, very schnazzy.

  4. Sandyboots

    Thank you ^_^

    It’s 20x27cm (7.9×10.6in) not counting the frame.

  5. Love it! One of my all time favorite RPGs. ^_^ Are you just a big Edgar fan or is there another reason why you chose this scene?

  6. Sandyboots

    Thanks Laialda.

    I’m just a sad, sad fangirl of him XD and Figaro as a whole. He’s probably my favorite character ever, so…

  7. Icedevimon

    Oh wow this is totally <3. I join you in your fangirl-ism. I freaking love Edgar. This looks great and makes me want to do a similar project hehe.

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