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  1. Peri Winkle

    Very cool!!! I love it!

  2. what did you use to grid the fabric? That’s a great idea!

  3. Thanks for featuring my project on the blog! It was my first project that isn’t really small, and I’m pretty proud of it :]

    jj, I used a water-soluble fabric marker. You can also use thread or a special product called Easy Count Guidline, if you can find it near you or online. I learned about gridding here: http://crossstitch.about.com/od/tipsfabric/qt/griddingtips.htm It’s a lot easier to grid the fabric if you have or can find a stitch gauge ruler. I got mine at JoAnn for 99 cents.

  4. Hi there!, this pattern looks great! and I love Fez!. I really want to have this hung up on my wall and do you have a pattern for this?

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