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  1. Hey. I just wanted you to know that one of my friends found your blog through a link on my page. Her husband LOVES everything you’ve put up and you’ve inspired him to take up cross stitching again. Also, she made him a little dice bag with the 1up mushroom for Valentine’s Day from a pattern you posted. Just thought I’d let you know! =) (She said she’ll try and take a picture of it and send it to you sometime.)

  2. thaks jehloh for sharing it with your friends too..aaand too late ’cause I’ve already started the blue ones:) I’m quite sure that I can stitch my best with this post..bye:)

  3. celia – thats great to hear!

  4. Like I said in the other thread, I started too, and I am doing the background (makes the colors look beautiful). I also see I picked a different color for the stone, more red.

  5. I was thinking of stitching this pattern but I thought of doing it on blue canvas. Thought that would save ALOT of time.

  6. monica – yeah i wouldnt stitch the background, i did it on my piston honda stitching (1st one) and almost died. its tooooo boring.

  7. Holy Cow, I never thought anyone would be brave enough to start this monster… I don’t cross stitch myself and didn’t realize how big it was turning out til my sister saw it (she’s the [obsessive] stitcher). Does anyone frame their art or do they just make stuff from them?

    P.S. I have almost every NES title available and will take requests for patterns if you want.

  8. I’m with Monica. I will stitch it on blue when I get the gumption to start.

  9. What is the color list you are using? Im working on the same project and got a color list from someone that doens’t match very well.

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