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  1. I can’t wait to see this one finished =D

  2. me either, i still havent gone to the store yet…gotta go this weekend.

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  4. Janalyn

    OMG, this is sow awesome! You have shown me my new passion in life. I love video games, and I love cross stitching. I can’t believe I didn’t think of combining them. And I really love this TMNT pattern. Awesome!

  5. janalyn – good to hear! I got the supplies to do this stitching, but ive just been too lazy to start…I hope you have more motivation than me, I’d love to see this finished!!

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  7. Hello! I’ve been admiring this one for a while. I was thinking of making it but wondering what color of fabric you’d recommend. Thanks for any ideas you have.

  8. black fabric!

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  10. Kristina Linke

    I’ve tried pulling the symbol chart up on a computer, I’ve tried printing it, and I’ve even tried pulling it up on my iPhone. I can’t see the images well enough anywhere to be able to duplicate it… Any ideas on what I can do? I am wanting to decorate my son’s room with TMNT decor, and am having a hard time getting started with this one.

  11. Looks fine to me. If the icons are blurry you should be able to figure the colors out…there arent too many.

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