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  1. This are fantastic! Some of my favorite Amigurumi ever! And one of my favorite games ever!

  2. Exterminate. Exterminate. The Daleks rule. The Daleks are superior.

  3. Liquidkarma

    I need to make friends with people who knit…

  4. Crochet actually. Apparently it’s not terribly difficult as these sorts of things only use one type of stitch. I haven’t bothered to learn myself yet.

  5. […] Day of the Tentacle Amigurumi – Because anything that references a classic LucasArts point and click adventure, automatically appears on Geekadelphia. No seriously, I have a WordPress plug-in for that. […]

  6. Liquidkarma

    I know the tentacles there are crocheted but I think Amigurumi can be either crocheting or knitting? Could be wrong though…

  7. I Loved Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tenticle!! Purple Tenticle brings back good pc gaming memories… I think I’ll have to dig out the ol emulator now and play through it again.

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