Clay cameo necklaces

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LittleBreeze makes really amazing necklaces with Fimo clay and cameo pendants. They are completely made of clay; nothing is painted. I’ve included a lot of Pokemon because, you know, video games, but she makes a lot of other awesome designs. Toothless and Sailor Scouts, for example.

pokemon_mega_charizard_x___y_cameos_by_littlebreeze-d7v8rdneeveelution_cameo_pendant_by_littlebreeze-d6ar9ecmew__shiny_mew_and_mewtwo_cameo_by_littlebreeze-d6oa9k6httyd_toothless_cameo_by_littlebreeze-d6mn3a3sailor_moon_inner_senshi_cameos_by_littlebreeze-d7wm523via[deviantART] Related Posts:

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  1. Super cool I love it loved that sylveon necklace ❤❤❤❤❤👅

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