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Miss Clawful stitched this amazing Joker portrait from the NES game Batman: Return of the Joker. She is very meticulous at counting how much time she spends working on a project, and she was able to tell us that she spent 66 1/2 hours on this one.

She also spent between 113 and 120 hours on this piece from the NES game Star Tropics, featuring Octo the Huge:

It’s amazing work. And on black Aida too!

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  1. OHh I would love to get a pattern for the joker one!

  2. These are so cool! Where can I find/buy the pattern for the Joker one?!

  3. love the joker one..is there a place we can get it….my son is a huge joker fan(he calls himself joker)

  4. Madeline Maynard

    Is there a cross stitch patter for this?

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