Zelda “A Link to the Past” Cross Stitch Map

Published by: johloh

Servotron finished this SWEET zelda map…and, it only took 4 months to complete! I think I need to change my stitching level to ‘amateur’ after seeing these gigantic maps people complete…

Zelda A Link To The Past Cross Stitch Map

what’s next? we now have a… Oracle of Ages Map, Link’s Awakening Map, and a Mario 3 map!

via [The Sprite Stitch Forums]

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17 Responses to “Zelda “A Link to the Past” Cross Stitch Map”

  1. Hani Says:

    AWESOME!! Those maps could probably be kinda useful too, for games like Zelda that are so replayable.

  2. Cross stitch ninja Says:

    Wow, that looks good.

    I’m thinking of making another map too. Just need to finish the big (not game related) cross stitch I’m working on right now…

  3. Phil E. Drifter Says:

    Totally photoshopped, I would know, I’ve seen a few photoshopped images in my day. This one’s totally photoshooped.

  4. johloh Says:

    and its begun…I got my first photoshopped comment…

  5. shylah Says:

    How big is this?

  6. GEARFUSE » Cross Stitchin’: Zelda Edition Says:

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  7. Jon Says:

    make dark world now, nice

  8. Griswold Goodsoup Says:

    Heh just be glad you don’t have daisy & its photoshop spam from geekologie here yet. BTW that’s where i saw the awesomeness of these

  9. risser_1221 Says:

    Totally not photoshopped.. Just concentration, hard work, and talent.. geez!

  10. Crapper poopy Says:

    OMG Why do people always think something awesome is fake?

  11. bev Says:

    I would love to know where I could get the pattern for this!

  12. ZFM Says:

    Can i buy one of those?

  13. Garcia Says:

    Looks very nice, any chance I could buy one of these?

  14. Amanda Says:

    Alright, that’s it, someone has got to find the pattern for this….this HAS to be my next project.

  15. johloh Says:


  16. Cross Stitch Says:

    I have never seen such a neat pattern! Thanks for posting. -Julie

  17. kevin Says:

    how to beat the last

    level on zelda 3

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